Aldercom Solutions


ALDERCOM has performed more than 4,000 in-building radio coverage projects in Greece the past 11 years. We have surveyed and performed technical study, installed, repaired or maintained repeater units, femtocells, radio sites or Wi-Fi access points and routers with their corresponding antennas and cabling. Indicative projects:

Professional Solutions!

Our company provides high quality solutions as a result of its highly qualified people.

  • Hotel Wi-Fi
    We implement integrated Wi-Fi solutions for Hotels. Our solutions can host a very large simultaneous users in a Hotel WiFi network. Access…
  • Wi-Fi on Board
    We implement Wi-Fi on board solutions for cruizer vessels providing their operators the capability to offer their passengers professional Wi-Fi solutions conrolling their data…
  • M2M Support
    ALDERCOM supports Μ2Μ systems by providing radio coverage at places where operation of an M2M module is required and the radio signal is…
ALDERCOM is a telecommunications company providing services in the region of SE Europe.